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2023/05/31  Invitation to Consign - Auction in July 2023

Mallet Auction is currently accepting entries for the next sale.
If you are interested in selling artworks, we provide an appraisal free of charge.
Please consider taking advantage of this opportunity.

Next auction:
Late-July 2023

We will be holding two different sales; M-Live Auction (online) and the regular auction.

Deadline for consignments:
15 June 2023*
*For M-Live Auction, we accept entries until 26 June.

How to list your pieces for sale:
Please request a valuation via this Form or by e-mail or phone.

Please tell us as much as you know about the artwork:
・Artist's name
・Year of creation
・Size (excluding the frame if possible)
・Provenance (gallery, exhibition history, etc.)
・Authentication information
・If you send us an e-mail, please provide us with a picture of the work - Front (and back, if possible), signature, inscription, gallery label, COA and other details.

More details

Past auction records (Invaluable)

E-mail: art@mallet.co.jp
Tel: +81 3-5216-2480